Family’s bid to skate on a frozen lake – in a 4x4!

JUST six months after a teenage boy died after swimming in Manvers lake, a whole FAMILY took their lives in their hands at the same spot.

The family horrified onlookers when they tried to DRIVE their 4x4 onto the frozen expanse.

They were branded idiots by Manvers Waterfront Boat Club officials.

Brian Saxton, the head coach at the club, was enjoying a social with other members at the boathouse when the incident happened.

He said: “We couldn’t believe it. They drove down and just kept on going.”

He ran down to the slipway to stop them, adding: “Their front wheels went on to the ice and broke through. The driver was able to reverse back up and was asked to leave, which he then did.

“You wouldn’t think anyone would be so stupid as to expect the ice to carry the weight of a car. They thought they were being funny – but what they did was highly dangerous.”

He said the frozen lake has seen everything from walkers to motorcyclists trying to cross it.

Brian added: “If people carry on as they are then there is an accident just waiting to happen.”

Last June, Rawmarsh youth Phillip Law, 15, drowned while attempting to swim the lake with two friends – despite a massive rescue operation involving more than 20 emergency services vehicles.

The incident marred a highly successful year for the boat club said Brian, adding: “We expected a new membership of about 50 and ended up with 450!”

It includes more than 200 junior members, with kayaking proving a popular attraction, while the club – formed in April 2009 – also offers fishing, model boating, wind surfing, canoeing and the triathletes.

Next summer, in July, the venue will host its first Wath Festival of Sport, involving sports clubs from across the area. If successful, it may become an annual fixture.