Fake phone alert after Doncaster town centre scam reported

A Doncaster town centre trickster has conned a shopper out of £100 with a fake mobile smartphone that does not work.

Police have revealed a scam saw the phoney phone sold for £100 along with a 'gold' ring which was actually made of brass.

Police warning

Police warning

It has sparked a warning from town centre officers.

PC John Freestone, of ,Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Team, said: "An unfortunate member of the public has today bought a fake Samsung Galaxy S9 Mobile Phone from a male in Doncaster Town centre along with a fake gold ring. Please be aware of people selling expensive mobile phones and gold jewellery for low prices. Remember - If it's too good to be true, it usually is!

"The victim in this matter is now out of pocket £100 for a fake, non-working mobile phone and polished brass ring! Remember to buy from reputable market traders and stores and not from random people on the street, and if in doubt, alert the police or town centre council workers."