EXCLUSIVE: Tot receives polling card... 15 years too early!

Daniel Starling, three, of Warmsworth, pictured with his Poll card. Picture: Marie Caley D3498MC
Daniel Starling, three, of Warmsworth, pictured with his Poll card. Picture: Marie Caley D3498MC

MEET Doncaster’s youngest voter.

For Daniel Starling’s name will be alongside the thousands of other residents on the borough’s electoral register who are able to vote today... however, this particular ‘voter’ is just three-years-old.

And amazingly it’s not the first occasion nursery-goer Daniel has received a polling card from Doncaster Council in his short lifetime, after one arrived on his doorstep last year when he was two.

As thousands of residents cast their votes today, it’s more than likely Daniel will be attending Warmsworth Community Pre-School, in Low Road West, and then having an afternoon nap rather than deciding who he wants to represent him.

His grandmother Sue Philipson, who Daniel lives with in Park Crescent, Warmsworth, also told the Free Press that the cheeky-faced youngster has had post asking him to apply for loans and credit cards - all before he’s had his fourth birthday.

“I’ve contacted Doncaster Council at least twice, once on the phone I told them Daniel couldn’t quite cope with voting and was having an afternoon nap because he was two-years-old,” said 45-year-old Sue.

“I did find it funny at the time and thought no more of it after I reported the mistake. As far as I was aware his details were crossed off the list and that was that. But then it happened again this year.

“Daniel obviously doesn’t really understand what is happening, he just finds it funny that there’s a card with his name on it. I’ll be telling him the story when he’s older.”

Daniel has even had election candidates knocking on his door appealing for his vote before leaving red-faced after meeting the pint-sized pre-schooler.

“He regularly receives post for credit cards and provident loans entitled ‘Dear Mr Starling’, I mean it’s just incredible,” added Sue.

“Most of the post we get, we can’t even use so it just ends up going straight in the bin.

“It is amusing but then there’s also a serious element to it in which you just have to think it’s utterly incredible and unbelievable to have happened twice despite me asking for his details to be removed.

“It’s shocking really because that card could end up in anybody’s hands but hopefully he won’t be sent another card in future after I go to the polling station and tell them again about the error.”

More incredibly, Daniel is not the only minor in Sue’s household to get a voting card from the authority, after her niece Jade Dent had one delivered last year when she was 17.

Qualified healthcare worker Sue joked: “I’ll take Daniel to the polling station if he wants to go because I’m sure he’ll hsave views on children’s services and aspects like that, however I may have to take a stool with me though for him to reach the voting forms.”

The council was unavailable for comment when the Free Press made repeated calls.

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