EXCLUSIVE: Get festive for less this Christmas

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This is usually an expensive time of year. Between parties and buying gifts for friends and family, money can be (cue song seamlessly) too tight to mention.

Satsuma Loans teamed up with 15 bloggers from across the UK to show how you can have a savvy yule while still feeling festive!

The calendar features several topics to feel festive. From advent calendars to make-up looks, these bloggers showed us many ways to get in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

Tired of the typical mulled wine or not a wine drinker? Check out the recipe for mulled cider by blogger Laura from Little Black Boots. Another recipe feature is for a DIY gift for cookie mixes in a jar!

The typical advent calendar with chocolates not appealing anymore? Why not pick out little trinkets for a DIY calendar to make it more personal for your loved one.

Two of the bloggers shared what they do for when they want to add something other than sweets.

Secret Santa gift guide

Secret Santa gift guide

Who said stocking stuffers had to break the bank? From cute socks and nail polish to hot chocolate and a cookie cutter, get some ideas for stocking fillers that will help you save for other items on the Christmas list.

Other topics can help give you inspiration on what to wear on Christmas day, how to fight the sinking feeling when receiving someone you’re not close to for Secret Santa with a gift guide, and how to get into the festive spirit.

See full calendar https://www.satsumaloans.co.uk/christmas-savvy to check all posts.