Evacuation of Keadby advised due to flood fear

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NEWS: News.

Residents of Keadby were evacuated before dawn today after floods threatened to swamp the village.

The Environment Agency became aware of a hole in the roadside bank during then night, but, until sunrise, are unable to comprehensively examine the riverside bank and assess the damage caused by the tidal surge.

With the morning tide reaching Keadby before first light, any inspection would be in the dark and therefore worthless, said an EA spokesman.

“Without inspecting the damage, the Agency cannot be confident that the hole will not get bigger during the next tide, that will reach its peak at 8am and cause significantly more water into areas to the west and south of the hole.

“As a result, the Agency recommend that the police adopt a precautionary approach and evacuate the village between the hole and the railway line.”

All Keadby residents were advised to board an evacuation bus at Keadby Club at 5.10 today, whcih took them to Epworth Leisure Centre.