Epworth whist results

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SEVERAL games of whist have taken place at Epworth’s Imperial Hall over recent weeks.

On February 23 Fay Romanation won with a score of 178, ahead of second-placed Jim Ogman (175) and Anne Allen who was third with 163. Ann Ogman had the low of 153.

Ogman, however, triumphed the following Thursday with 181. Mary Addlesee was second with 170 and Mick Appelquist third with 166. Kate Henry had the lowest score (132).

On March 8 Allen won with 179 while both Romanation and Brenda North tied with 175. Appelquist had the low of 165.

A Red Cross whist session was held on Thursday, March 16, and Kate Hendry’s score of 168 narrowly defeated Romanation (167) in the ladies section.

North was third with 156 and Una Law last with 148.

In the gent’s section Dorothy Fotheringham won with 169, Brian Kerr was second (159), Ron Richardson third (149) and Addlesee had the low of 147.

The next Red Cross session will be on Friday, April 20, 7.30pm start.