Weekend weather round-up: What to expect in Sheffield as the heatwave continues

As the heatwave continues, temperatures in Sheffield are currently hot with bright, clear skies, but will this remain the same over the weekend?

Here’s the weather forecast for Sheffield over the next three days.

In general, warm temperatures are still expected, with mostly pure sunshine, but some sunny intervals and cloudy periods may occur over the next three days.

The pollen count and UV intensity are both expected to be high over the weekend.

Friday July 6

Highs of: 24°C

Lows of: 16°C

Temperatures in Sheffield on Friday are expected to reach highs of 24°C, reaching it peak at around 14:00.

Sunny intervals are expected throughout most of the day, with some periods of cloud occurring at 13:00. Temperatures will then begin to slowly dip at around 22:00.

Saturday July 7

Highs of: 25°C

Lows of: 17°C

Temperatures continue to rise on Saturday, with the peak temperature of 25°C being reached at around 16:00.

The temperature will then slowly begin to dip, but it will still remain warm throughout the evening, with temperatures of 21°C expected at 22:00.

Sunday July 8

Highs of: 27°C

Lows of: 17°C

The temperature will still continue to rise on Sunday, with the temperature set to reach its peak of 27°C at around 16:00.

It is expected to be mostly pure sunshine, but some sunny intervals may occur throughout the day and a chance of cloud is expected at around 13:00. The temperature is expected to be 22°C at around 22:00.