Social landlord helps tenants to save their cash

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Isle tenants are being offered free products in a bid to help them to reduce their water and gas bills.

New energy saving devices can save their tenants thousands of pounds on bills, claims North Lincolnshire Homes, following a trial period in which they tested a large number of items.

By teaming up with Sure Group and Save Money Save Water Ltd, NLH can offer tenants products such as a shower timer, a water saving shower head, a toothy timer and leaky loo stickers, if they also have a Vokera Unica boiler installed.

A combination of these products were found to be instrumental in saving up to £175 per year on utility bills, for tenants.

Tenants will also be given energy efficiency guide publications that offer top tips and advice on how to reduce utility bills as part of the social landlord’s affordable warmth project.

Those who are eligible for these money saving products will be contacted to arrange fitting dates at convenient times.

From April this year, any new Ideal Logic A rated appliance installed into a tenant’s home was fitted with a CombiSmart valve.

The valve speeds up the heating process by holding back the hot water until the combi boiler heats to exactly the right temperature, therefore reducing the need to run the taps for as long.

Research so far suggests that tenants can save up to £90 per year on their water and energy bills if they have one of these valves fitted to a combi boiler.

Tim Ball, Project Manager for Affordable Warmth and Heating in the Isle and North Lincolnshire, said: “Over the last six years we have installed A rated appliances into 3,500 homes and it’s these tenants who will benefit initially.

“But we have plans to increase this in the future. When people require a new boiler fitting they will also be able to take advantage of these new products.

“After a trial of the products over 18 months we have seen real savings can be achieved which is why we’ve decided to invest £200,000 to benefit our tenants.