Sheffield is set for the hottest June on record since 1976- and it keeps getting warmer!

June is on track to be UK's hottest since the scorching heatwave of 1976.

Temperatures are set to reach 30C in some parts of the UK, with many parts reaching a steady 26C.

June is on track to be the UK's hottest since the scorching heatwave of 1976

June is on track to be the UK's hottest since the scorching heatwave of 1976

The hottest day of the year so far was on April 19 when temperatures reached 29C at St James’s Park, in London.

The Met Office explains that the UK average temperature of 14.7C - 1.7C from June 1-14 is above normal and the warmest June since 1976, which was 15.0C over the whole of the month.

June’s rainfall is also down by half, measuring in at just three-quarters of an inch, amidst 82 hours of glorious sunshine.

The incredibly warm heat is expected to continue into the start of July, unfortunately accompanied by high levels of humidity.

Pollen counts are also expected to be very high in some parts of the country, especially in the south-east of England and London, heavily impacting on those who suffer with hay fever.

This unusually warm weather is due to high pressure bringing hot air from the Mediterranean across the country, with a prolonged hot spell expected across most of the UK, including the Midlands and Wales.

Operational meteorologist at the Met Office, Martin Bowles said: "There's widespread sunshine for several days due”, and that "The temperature will be up a little bit each day."

The weather forecaster also explained that parts of the UK are likely to reach 30C on Wednesday, explaining: "Monday 27C, Tuesday 28C, it's quite likely, I'd say more likely than not, that somewhere in the UK on Wednesday will get 30C”.

Sheffield is set to expect peak temperatures of around 25C next week, this being highly unusual for this time of year.

According to the Met Office, Tuesday June 26 to Thursday July 5 will become increasingly warmer.

The final week of June will see plenty of dry and sunny weather across most of the UK, with only the far north and northwest seeing cloudier skies at times.

Temperatures will continue to rise for all parts and although it is expected to be slightly hotter in the south, temperatures across the UK will still be mid-20C and above.

Although the unusually warm heat may spark an isolated thunderstorm, with the risk increasing towards next weekend, the majority of the country will stay dry.

The beginning of July will bring Sheffield plenty of fine, sunny and very warm weather and from Friday July 6 to Friday July 20 the Met Office believe that early indications signify that there will be a good deal of dry and settled weather across the UK.

There are some signs that more changeable weather may develop at times, especially in the north, and possibly the west which could potentially lead to cloud, stronger winds and some rain.

Where the weather turns more changeable it will also become cooler, but where the dry and settled weather continues, it will remain very warm, meaning that for the most part of July Sheffield can expect to bask in extremely warm weather.