Scheme set to help reduce heating costs

MP Andrew Percy in the House of Commons, where he secured a debate about broadband in the region.
MP Andrew Percy in the House of Commons, where he secured a debate about broadband in the region.

AN EXCITING new initiative which could help dozens of Isle homeowners improve their heating costs could soon be underway.

Plans are in the pipeline to introduce a Community Oil Buying Scheme locally - spearheaded by Graizelound resident Alyson Linnegar.

Parts of Haxey parish - particularly the hamlets of Graizelound and East Lound - plus neighbouring villages still do not have a mains gas supply and many properties are heated using oil.

In the past two years the cost of heating oil has rocketed and many householders are struggling to pay.

And this is where the new scheme could help. In other rural areas of Britain, residents have joined together to form an oil co-operative.

Alyson told the Bells/Advertiser: “The idea involves the group ordering their heating oil in one order and it is then delivered to individual homes on a single date. The oil suppliers will offer a lower price because they can send a bigger tanker on one journey. Members pay the same price per litre regardless of the size of their order.”

Andrew Percy MP (pictured) said: “These co-operative ideas are a great concept and I hope that they will help to deliver lower heating oil prices.

“The cost of heating oil is raised regularly by residents and so this is well worth consideration.”

If the co-operative goes ahead it would have a co-ordinator who lets people know the date of the next order – usually every two months and the quantity required. They then place an order with the company which offers best value.

The suppliers send each person an invoice for their own oil, and the co-ordinator does not handle any money.

Information from other oil buying co-operatives in the region estimates a saving of between ten and 12 per cent per order - a substantial saving for some.

Alyson is hopeful that such a scheme can be launched in at least Haxey, Owston Ferry and possibly Wroot.

So far there have been ten households who have expressed an interest but at least double this number is required if the scheme is to be viable.

Anyone interested in saving money on their fuel bill should contact Alyson by telephone 01427 752536 or e-mail

A meeting will be arranged to discuss the scheme as soon as sufficient numbers have registered.