Renewal energy proposals afoot

WITHIN the next few weeks people living in the Isle of Axholme will have the chance to comment on proposed new planning guidelines created by North Lincolnshire Council with an eye to renewable energy.

The authority is keen to see development of the area for renewable energy production, but not at any price, and has drawn up the guidelines in readiness for its position as the ‘ renewable energy capital of Europe’.

Councilllor Rob Waltham, NLC’s cabinet member for adult and children’s services, said: “We need to ensure that we get the balance right in terms of welcoming renewable energy developments in the right places.

“But at the same time consider the impact on local communities and ensure that we protect our natural landscape.

“With existing and ongoing plans, North Lincolnshire is set to more than meet its target to produce energy from renewable sources.

“In fact it will be one of the few authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region to achieve this.

“However, it is vital that we do not surrender our landscapes and environment. “

He added: “We want to ensure that we protect areas of outstanding natural beauty, and we are currently in discussions with Lincolnshire County Council to look at incorporating land up to the Humber Estuary as part of this designation.”

Councillor Elaine Marper, who is lead member for adult and children’s services, said: “It is important that areas of high landscape value are protected.

“The policy will be invaluable to communities, developers and the council, as it will set a clear position to developers that when communities provide valid objections on landscape grounds; they should and must be listened to.

“I’m confident that we can meet sensible proposals for renewable energy without compromising our landscape.”