Mayor raises doubts over planned Isle sports centre

Crowle market place. Picture: Liz Mockler E1632LM
Crowle market place. Picture: Liz Mockler E1632LM

A Mayor has asked for guarantees that a promised sports centre for the north of the Isle will materialise for people to use it in the near future.

Crowle and Ealand’s town mayor Paul McCartan voiced his doubt that the new £3 million sports centre announced for Crowle in the latest North Lincolnshire Council budget will come to fruition as promised, and he pointed to the wait for other long-awaited schemes as reason for his doubts.

He said: “Although investment into Crowle is fantastic news, the only caveat would be that I am not confident schemes will arrive on time, or even that they will come to be at all.

“We were promised over a million pounds of investment in to the second phase of the market place project in Crowle for the past three years, but so far the money has not been spent.

“We welcome investment, but would be so much happier to see work happening than to just be told that it is to happen. If the council wants to invest in Crowle then let’s see it now, for the benefit of those people who need it now.”

He continued: “Many people chose a leisure centre as a preferred scheme for the area when research was done for the community plan. The key issue was clearly sports facilities.”

Currently people living in and around Crowle travel to Epworth or Goole leisure centres to use facilities.

Mr McCartan added: “Development in Crowle has stagnated for years and the town has waited a long time for developments. Now we have another three years minimum before seeing a result. What’s wrong with now? Why wait?

“In the case of Market Place only phase one is complete although the money is available. An eyesore building is still there and the planned bistro is still not open, yet there are no real answers as to why the delay? We want action, and the sooner the better.”

Coun John Briggs said: “The market place is on course to become a thriving service centre for the whole of Axholme North. New developments will make it even better for the future and I am delighted to confirm that my Conservative colleagues and I were able to maintain the £1.15 million funding for 2014/2015 in the Budget we set last week.

“Phase two will include options for number six Market Place, which is currently going through the planning process as well as land adjacent to the old Cross Keys. Architects are drawing up schemes in keeping with the conservation status. I am also pleased to confirm that public toilets will be provided within the scheme and should be ready by the summer, subject to support from English Heritage.”