It‘s snow bother for zoo residents

Vlad the tiger enjoys the snow at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Vlad the tiger enjoys the snow at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

IT might be a pain for the rest of us, but animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park have been having a ball in the snow!

The park’s big cats have been out and about enjoying the white stuff – and feeling right at home in the freezing temperatures.

Amur tigers Vladimir and Sayan frolicked in the freshly laid snow as the icy blast covering the UK has swept in from their native Siberia, giving the animals a taste of home.

Visitors were able to watch the pair playing from the 150m walkway above the spectacular Land of the Tigers, the first of its kind in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Amur Leopards, also from Russia, were roaming Leopard Heights while the lions were taking the freezing temperature into their strides in Lion Country.

But YWP’s new arrivals the giraffes sheltered inside their heated house – much to the delight of visitors able to see them inside all together.

Elsewhere at the park, the snow provided a stunning backdrop to the other animals, whilst the meerkats cuddled up to heat lamps to keep warm.

Director Cheryl Williams said: ”The tigers especially seem to be enjoying the snow this year. They are in their element because the whole weather front comes from their homeland.

“It is magical to see the big cats and the rest of the animals out in the snow while others like the meerkats enjoy huddling together in the warmth of their homes.”

Staff cleared paths to allow the park just outside Doncaster, to open for the weekend.

But the Forest Adventure playground and South America Viva will remain closed due to the icy conditions.

Visitors should check the website before travelling in case weather conditions worsen, forcing the park to shut.

YWP is open from 10.30am until 4pm during the Winter season. Last admission 3.30pm.

n Check Yorkshire Wildlife Park for more details.