Angry Misson residents to protest at town hall

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Angry residents are to demonstrate outside a town hall over concerns about odours emanating from a nearby industrial plant.

People living in Misson are urging the authorities to take action against Tunnel Tech North Ltd’s mushroom compost factory in Newington.

Members of the Tunnel Tech Complaints Committee are urging Bassetlaw District Council to intervene and impose regulations on the firm to reduce odour emissions.

In a statement, the committee said residents are: ”Determined to bring their dissatisfaction to the notice of councillors in the hope that the company can be brought to book.”

Committee members also said they are: “Frustrated and angry by the lack of action by Bassetlaw District Council to enforce the permit conditions to reduce odour levels.”

They will make their voices heard at protest before the next full council meeting outside Retford Town Hall tonight. They are to ask councillors to impose stricter odour control regulations.

Nobody from the company was available for comment.