End to 40 year old road saga could be in sight

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NEWS: News.

An end could be in sight to the 40 year saga regarding the surface of Epworth’s Turbary Road after a meeting between council bosses.

Epworth Town Council asked for the meeting with North Lincolnshire Council over residents’ concerns over the state of what they say has been a potholed track since the 1970s.

North Lincolnshire Council has come up with two possible solutions to lay na new surface.

The town council has already set aside £16,000. North Lincolnshire Council’s suggested solutions would cost £10,000 and £20,000, with up to £2,000 a year required for maintenance.

The town coucnil’s Turbary Road working party is examining the solutions and getting its own costs.

Chairman Coun Don Stewart, said: “The meeting with North Lincolnshire is the first time ever that anything positive about the road has come from North Lincolnshire Council. We should look at this very seriously.”

The cheaper solution involves covering the road with compacted planings to provide a relatively smooth free-draining surface, with a need to inspect and repair on a six-monthly basis.

The more expensive one involves skimming a foot off the road surface, laying a membrane to help create a rigid surface, covering that with a ‘sub-base material’ and topping off with compacted planings.

That would be maintenance-free for two years, and cost half as much to maintain.

Laying a new surface one would require planning permission, which Epworth does not have. But elsewhere in North Lincolnshire surfaces have been laid without permission in similar circumstances, and not ripped up by the authority.