Young film-makers lay foundations for town’s future – worldwide!

Pictured are the film-makers while some of the aspiring young directors listen intently to  Wayne Sables and some of the students.
Pictured are the film-makers while some of the aspiring young directors listen intently to Wayne Sables and some of the students.

ASPIRING young directors and producers from the Dearne Advanced Learning Centre have an exciting new project underway.

Teenagers are teaming up with local leaders of the Salvation Army to take a good, long look at their community, and record what they find.

Captains Chris and Adrian Lee of The Salvation Army in Goldthorpe, linked up with the Wayne Sables Artistic Project and the new £24m Dearne ALC, to help students produce a short film to be showcased before parents, the community and a potential worldwide audience on YouTube!

The idea was to chart local people’s views on their hometown, and to record how they felt it should be developed in the future.

It took in the mining history of the area and the massive changes that have already occurred in the locality.

And Year 9 boys were taught filmmaking and editing skills that they can then develop further.

Chris said: “This project has been all about giving some of our teenage students the chance to play a greater part in their school and their local community by learning new technical skills while working together and developing their confidence.

“Goldthorpe has been promised so much, most of which has not been delivered.

“However, these young men give us hope for the future as they aspire for better things.

“I was particularly moved seeing the lads interviewing residents in a local old people’s home... before my very eyes the elderly changed their opinion of young men in the community and visa versa. It was a positive experience for all concerned!”

Wayne Sables added: “We have really enjoyed working with this group of boys on the project. We first met them when we did a taster film project with them at the start of the year so it is great to see how they have developed their film making skills from creating storyboards and location settings to different styles of filming and editing the film together.

“They are thinking and working much better as a team, as they are not only coming up with some great ideas but are also consulting with the rest of the group.”

Lynn Hoyland, Leader of Learning Special and Additional Educational Needs at the Dearne ALC, said: “The students taking part in this film project have shown a talent for using the equipment, developed new skills and demonstrated a keen desire to produce a quality, high impact film.

“The school has enjoyed this particular partnership project and appreciates the commitment and enthusiasm expressed by Chris, Wayne and the rest of the team for working with our young people.”