Students form a Glee Club

STUDENTS at Mexborough School have teamed up with a group of dementia sufferers – to create their own Glee Club!

Pupils have been taking part in an eight-week project, to work together with elderly people who attend Mexborough Day Centre.

They have formed Mexborough Glee Club – inspired by the hit American TV show Glee! – and will be visiting the centre to sing and dance to songs that both generations have picked out.

The younger members of the group chose more modern hits, such as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, while the senior citizens picked the George Formby classic “Leaning on a Lampost”.

The group will also use the exercise to make up their own lyrics to the songs to reflect what they like about their generation.

Along with the music, they will also use the time to swap memories of what school was like in times gone by, compared with the modern day experiences of the students.

A spokeswoman for Mexborough School said: “The project aims to increase the opportunities for both older and younger people to contribute to their communities and reduce the negative perceptions older and younger people have about each other.

“It is also a good opportunity for staff at Mexborough Day Centre to engage in the activities and learn creative techniques and examples of inter-generational teamwork.

“We also hope to deliver creative activities that focus on dementia awareness, prevention and living well with dementia, and to develop a positive working relationship between the school and Mexborough Day Centre that lasts beyond the duration of the project.”