Street ‘isolated’

AN ISSUE over Wombwell residents being isolated in their homes during work on a new bypass, is still unresolved.

People living on Littlefield Lane objected strongly, when their usual access to Wombwell was cut off, and they were given an alternative walking route while a section of the bypass linked with the new Adult Learning Centre is built.

This longer route involves using a stretch of the Trans-Pennine trail that is both tree-lined and lonely.

A spokeswoman for the 27 Littlefield Lane residents, who are a mix of ages but include elderly people, a young mum and a pregnant woman, said: “We have been told that a taxi service will be provided for people with an immediate need for one.

“But this still raises issues, for example if someone needs to get somewhere in a hurry. And one lady isn’t confident about using a taxi. For her visits to Wombwell once or twice a day she’s reliant on someone taking her”.

She continued: “We feel that if there had been a greater number of people living down here then a pathway would have been provided. And this situation is for four months, when we thought it was only going to be for four weeks”!

There have been other issues connected with the new ALC work, including dustbins being unemptied because the wagons had no access to homes.

That, along with a huge amount of dust, and the loss of trees surrounding their homes, has added to residents’ angst, but, they said, they are tackling each problem as it arises.

A meeting between Littlefield Lane residents and Darfield Coun Ron Fisher was due to take place this week, in a bid to discuss the options and reach some solutions.

Coun Dick Wraith, who represents Wombwell ward, said he had been approached about the matter by some residents.

He said: “We were not aware that this would happen, and it’s disgraceful that some sort of plan wasn’t made for people, other than them walking through a lonely place, at the time of year when nights and mornings are dark.

“I have made representations about this, as I feel a footway should have been put in place. We members weren’t consulted, and I feel we should have been”.

He added: “I understand the Council has now agreed to pay for taxis for those who need them, so hopefully that will help.

“People have already put up with a great deal of of upheaval”.

The Darfield and Wombwell Adult Learning Centre is being built on the former Darfield pit site,

Because it is a shared facility a new link road was deemed necessary, with am associated new traffic roundabout.

The new school will serve up to 1700 students and the wider community with state of the art sport, science and art facilities.