Science week thrills at The Hill

A BODY in a bubble – and maybe the world’s largest chocolate teapot – proved highlights of a science week at The Hill Primary School, Thurnscoe.

Pupils star-travelled through galaxies and witnessed weird and wacky experiments as part of their five-day experience.

It all began with a visit from the star dome planetarium – a huge structure erected in school, with classes taking turns to step inside and listen and learn about space, from visiting experts.

The chocolate teapot appeared later in the week, brought in by Prof Charles Stirling of Sheffield University, who spoke about which materials might be suitable for making a teapot... and which wouldn’t!

School science leader Emily Ho said: “None of the younger children believed the teapot was made from chocolate at first, as it appeared to be a shiny plastic.

“But we eventually raffled it off for Comic Relief, and it was won by one of our pupils who took it home, and is probably enjoying eating it, bit by bit!”

An evening show by the university’s Dr Richard Walton, saw parents join the kids for a stunning demonstration of science experiments. Pupils applauded as a bag was propelled to the ceiling by a toaster and a Baked Alaska was produced in four minutes flat.

An outreach team from Eureka at Halifax demonstrated the wonders of water, and delighted everyone by placing pupils inside body-sized bubbles.

Comic relief events combined with science week activity to raise over £1,000 for the charity.