Play together, stay together!

FAMILIES that play together, stay together... and GRADUATE together, a new scheme at Rawmarsh has shown.

Pupils at St Joseph’s RC Primary School pulled in their parents for a Families and Schools Together programme over eight weeks – and all made the grade!

The graduation ceremony was a celebration attended by Rotherham Mayor Coun Rose McNeely, and by FAST co-ordinator Vanessa Naylor.

Ms Naylor explained how the scheme builds relationships between schools and communities, all through fun, safe activities held in halls and classrooms.

For the ceremony, families made a shared meal, with banners and graduation hats.

Also at the ceremony was Father Kieran from St Joseph’s RC Church, Joyce Thacker, Strategic Director of Rotherham Borough

Council’s Children and Young Peoples Service, and Cath Ratcliffe, the authority’s leader of attendance and parenting.

The FAST programme was founded by Dr Lynn McDonald and was launched in America in 1988. It has since become an internationally recognised system for supporting parents.

Senior lecturer Dr McDonald was a family therapist, child therapist and community worker who developed a range of family-based approaches to children’s mental health and well-being.