New Dearne ALC a big hit with pupils and community

THEir “uplifting experience” of attending the opening of the new Dearne ALC (Adult Learning Centre) has been highlighted by Wombwell councillors.

Couns Denise Wilde and Margaret Morgan said the new school has had a hugely positive effect, and high morale and pride in their new building is clearly evident among pupils.

Speaking at a Barnsley South East Area Partnership meeting, Mrs Morgan said the attitude shown towards their visitors by all pupils at the official opening had been “wonderful” .

Pupils were provided with their first new uniform for the opening – that they had helped to design themselves – and were happy and proud with their smart new look, added Mrs Wilde.

Dearne Coun May Noble said that with the new build, tensions appear to have eased and pupils seem to have gained maturity and confidence.

Mrs Wilde voiced hopes that a similar effect might be seen among pupils of the new Wombwell and Darfield ALC when it opens next year.

That new ALC will bring together Darfield Foulstone and Wombwell High schools, with a joint specialism in creative arts and humanities.

The building is under construction now on the former Darfield colliery site.