Let’s dance at 11.40 for 2012!

SWINTON kids are practising their moves – ready for a world record-breaking attempt in playground DANCING to take place on July 1.

The Danceathon is a national bid, that came to the area via the Rotherham School Sport Partnership – an organising body that is set to fold this term due to Government cuts.

But despite the will and the great enthusiasm whipped up by the RSSP in January this year, the record attempt nationally just missed its target, so will be re-staged in July.

Swinton Queen Primary is one willing participant, and all key stage one and two kids will boogie across the playground in learned moves, for four minutes.

PE Co-ordinator Ryan Cousins said: “The kids are really looking forward to having another go. They’re dancing to ‘I like to move it, move it’ which most recognised as being from the film Madagascar.

“The target is for 250,000 schools to take part simultaneously at 11.40... that is 20 to 12 as in 2012 since this is part of the celebration of the London Olympics!”