Kids learn fishing... then catch some trout !

FISHING club members from a Wombwell school cast their net wide on a day trip to celebrate completing their course.

High View Primary Learning Centre pupils journeyed to Scout Dike reservoir near Penistone, to put into practice all the skills they had learned in a new seven-week course introduced to the school just last term.

A team from Angling South Yorkshire held indoor and outdoor classes to allow Year 5 kids to handle equipment and familiarise themselves with full fishing tackle, before they got the chance to use it.

Along with gen on assembling fishing rods, how to make a fly, and the different casting techniques, they learned about the bugs that are fish food and which bait to use for which fish.

School manager Tim Marsh said: “We had a really good day out and no accidents.

“Two children caught a trout each, as did our sports co-ordinator Gordon Calvert. The kids found it really funny that he had a catch and I didn’t after we’d wound each other up for the past few weeks!”

The fishing club could now become a regular feature at the school.