Kids’ bid to beat bullies storms on

George Foster and Katie Bostock in their Safe Havens room.
George Foster and Katie Bostock in their Safe Havens room.

A SCHEME that spiralled from two Wath pupils’ simple idea, has seen amazing success.

The Safe Havens scheme arose from the need to protect kids at school from the devastating effects of bullying.

It provides drop-in centres for pupils to take a break and get support, if they feel they are being targeted.

Teenagers George Foster and John D’Silva were in Year 7 at Wath Comprehensive School when they came up with the scheme.

But several years on, it has been taken up at scores of schools, and recently the lads won a “Diana Award” for their selfless contribution.

George himself was a victim of bullies, and felt he could have fared better with more support. His scheme was held up as “excellent practice” by Ofsted in their last inspection report.

Originally, John and George applied for a “Quids In” grant from the council to allow them to expand the project, and received £20,000.

It funded a three-day course for volunteer leaders from schools, and essential equipment. Thriving Safe Haven groups around Rotherham now support hundreds of students each year.

Wath’s assistant headteacher, Irenee Grayel, said: “The boys’ entire agenda has been to help school children who are being bullied and there is no doubt that their work has had an impact”.