Here’s a team that talks the talk

wath team
wath team

WATH Comprehensive School students just can’t keep quiet... and that’s a GOOD thing!

A confident team from the school made a big impression on judges at Debating Matters – renowned as the toughest competition of its kind in the country.

The Wath team battled their way through local qualifiers to make the regional final, after being pitted against five schools from across South Yorkshire and the Midlands.

After winning their debate on health, arguing for the motion: “Government should introduce economic incentives to encourage healthy behaviour” team members found themselves in a tie-break situation.

They did eventually just lose out to Loughborough High School, but judges announced their decision to be both “unenviable and difficult”.

The Wath students left a big impression, with Cameron Price, taking third prize for Best Individual, while his team mate, Katie Bostock, was awarded an “honourable mention” for her contribution.

Tony Gilland, director of Debating Matters, told the debating team: “You can go back with your heads held high”.