Eastoft school praised by Ofted for pupil progress

Headteacher Angela Hewson with pupils of Eastoft CoE Primary School celebrating the last day of term with a 'Onsie Day'.
Headteacher Angela Hewson with pupils of Eastoft CoE Primary School celebrating the last day of term with a 'Onsie Day'.

An Isle school got the best Christmas present it could wish for when Ofsted noted it as ‘good’.

Eastoft Church of England Primary was marked as a good school in all four areas scrutinised by the government inspectors.

It has been judged to be good because of the strong leadership of the headteacher; good pupil progress across the school and because the standards in reading, writing and mathematics are above average by the time pupils leave at the end of year 6.

It also noted that teaching is good and that disadvantaged, disabled and SEN pupils make good progress.

The report stated: “Pupils who join the school part way through their schooling are supported well.

“Children in the early years make a strong start to their learning and make good progress

“ There are very positive relationships between staff and pupils.”

Adding: “The school has strong guidance for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

“The school ensures breadth to its curriculum and pupils develop a healthy respect for other communities and the diversity in Britain today.

“There is a well informed governing body who add rigour to the schools performance.”

During the visit, the inspector observed teaching throughout the school including numerous shared observations with the headteacher. In addition, the inspector scrutinised pupils’ workbooks and listened to them read.

Meetings were held with pupils, the chairman of the governing body and four other governors, the headteacher, seniors leaders and subject leaders.

The inspector reported that for the school to improve even further all pupils, but especially the most able, are challenged sufficiently in all classes; and marking in all subjects gives pupils clear guidance on how to improve their work and that pupils respond to this marking promptly and so always produce their best work.

The role of subject leaders should also be strengthened. to help pupils make the best progress they can.

Headteacher Angela Hewson said: “We are delighted to be one of the first schools to achieve this grading in North Lincolnshire despite the changes in the framework and the raising of the bar.

“The staff, governors, children and parents are to be congratulated not only on this result but on their total commitment to the school.

“This strong team has the capacity for future developments outlined in the report and will ensure our drive towards outstanding.”