Come to the Mardi Gras! Festival fun at Wombwell

FESTIVAL frenzy spread across a Wombwell school for one day last week.

Music and colour filled classrooms as pupils from Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre came to school clad in stunning, home-made costumes to celebrate culture and tradition from around the world.

The day was essentially for Key Stage One pupils but as each class staged their own celebration from a chosen country, they demonstrated what they had learned about their subject to pupils throughout the school.

Groups adopted new names for the occasion and became Jolly Jungle explorers, who were decked out in jewel-bright colours for an Indian Holi Festival, Super Saharas who dressed in gold, purple and green for the Mardi Gras, and Rumbling Rainforests who, after researching the Chinese New Year, wore a riot of colour, but predominantly red.

One of the teachers involved in organising the day, Andrea Mulcahy, said: “Each class looked at all the traditions behind their particular festivals then covered everything, from writing invitations (to fellow pupils) to constructing party plans”.

They also got their hands dirty dying materials, while their teachers got much more mucky by staging a Holi Festival ‘fight’ using traditional ‘holi paints’ brought in to school.

Pupils then got in on the act by throwing their own hand-made paper confetti at them.

The Rumbling Rainforests mastered the art of chopsticks as part of their Chinese challenge, made Chinese lanterns and constructed a dragon for the traditional New Year dragon dance.

Music played a major part in all the proceedings and varied dishes from the different countries were explored and sampled beforehand.

Floats play a major part in any Mardi Gras, and a range of themes were used for these by the Super Saharas’ team.

Ms Mulcahy said: “We are a school that values creativity highly. Following on from our festivals day we shall be staging weddings, including Christian, Hindu and Jewish ceremonies. Pupils from all the other classes will be invited to watch as wedding guests”.

Last week, 15 Y5 and Y6 kids took part in an ‘Enterprise Workshop Day’ at Sheffield Hallam University. The day involved 65 pupils from across South Yorkshire who took part in a range of workshops and problem-solving challenges. Pupils were able to put their enterprising skills into practise and worked as teams.

Another pupil group took part in a ‘Business Networking Event’ at Meadowhall on February 9. Twelve Kings Oak pupils met with others from across South Yorkshire to work with the Apple Store, who support the initiative. The hands-on training and services were designed to help pupils create amazing projects and showcase their work.