Bridging the age gap

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BRIDGING the age gap were Year 9 students from South Axholme Academy who took part in a project with the elderly residents of Cumberworth Lodge in Graizelound.

During the summer term, two groups were involved in working with residents at the care home to record their memories of the Isle and their families’ home life whilst growing up. The students used these memories to create a display at the home and to study and compare how the residents’ language differed from their own.

English teacher Rob Cranidge said: “Overall, this was a fantastic project with both students and residents enjoying the opportunity to spend time with each other. The students were amazed and surprised at the information the residents produced however they thoroughly enjoyed spending time there. Having spoken to the Cumberworth Lodge staff, they feel the residents enjoyed talking to the students and the display will be welcomed by residents and visitors to the home.”

Home manager John Cresswell said: “We went over to the school and they came to us, we had about 16 children and they did an amazing collage. It brought the two age groups together.”