Boiling mud and Bavarian stomps on field trips

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SWINTON students were up Pompeii and down the piste, on recent trips from school!

A ski and snowboarding trip to Rupholding, Germany, for 29 pupils from Swinton Community School included some lively apres-ski activities, as traditional dancing, leg wrestling and neck wrestling were all part of a fun Bavarian night.

Pupils were also able to watch top athletes training during a visit to a biathlon centre, took part in night-time skiing, went ice-skating and sampled a local health club.

PE Teacher Dale Jordan said: “We run the ski trip every two years, and it includes five hours a day of ski instruction. One memorable moment from this trip was skiing over the border in to Austria on the final day. We had no major injuries – just the usual few bumps from falling over.

“The majority of students were beginners but soon picked up the basics. They really enjoyed the visit and their behaviour and conduct did the school proud.”

Another trip, for young geographers this time, was to the Bay of Naples.

Pupils studying GCSE and A-level geography got a first hand view of volcanic activity after climbing the dormant but steaming Mount Vesuvius.

Then an afternoon was devoted to exploring Pompeii – the Roman town buried by ash in AD79.

Marion Nugus, Faculty Leader of Humanities, said: “We visited the Solfatara fields with boiling mud pools and sulphurous vapours which came out of a crater beneath our feet. Our third volcanic crater was also dormant and gave excellent views of the Bay of Naples. which was an excellent photo opportunity as we were blessed with dry sunny weather throughout the visit.

“The final day saw us walking into Sorrento to take advantage of the shops and open-air restaurants before our return journey.”

Along with regular trips and outings for students there are many visits in to school by specialists who demonstrate their work and help pupils with their studies,

The school also has a busy extra-curricular timetable of clubs, groups and award sessions, including working towards the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Among the many choices on offer to pupils at lunchtimes and after school are a wide variety of sports, a model railway club, Rock School, musical theatre, computer club and nail art.

Quizzes too are held on a regular basis. Last Friday pupils throughout the school paid to take part in a non-uniform day for the coffers of Comic Relief.

And staff and pupils joined together to celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as Lewis Carroll characters to stage scenes from

his children’s favourite, Alice in Wonderland.