Awards for brave lads

COURAGE awards have been presented to four Dearne lads who went to the aid of a distressed pensioner.

The Dearne ALC pupils, all aged 11 and 12, heard a woman shouting for help as they passed her home on the Ringway at Bolton.

After approaching the house to try and see the caller, they saw the elderly woman sitting and crying at the bottom of her stairs.

They found the front door to be locked, so went to the back door and managed to make their way to the woman, who told them she felt unwell and was unable to stand.

Callum Cooper, 11, said: “We talked to her and asked her questions - that was Daniel mostly - then Nathan called for an ambulance on his mobile phone.

“We stayed with her and tried to comfort her until the ambulance came. Then they looked after her and we were told we could come to school”.

He added: “We were a bit frightened at first but we wanted to help so we did the best we could”.

Once staff at the school became aware of the actions the boys had taken, it was decided they should be rewarded for their presence of mind and community spirit.

So the headteacher, Neil Clark, formulated some ‘Courage Award’ certificates to present at Friday’s year assembly.

These were made to the boys ‘in recognition of quick thinking in an emergency situation’.

Mr Clark told the boys: “What you did was a remarkable act of citizenship and I have a son....I would like to think he would act in the same way as you did in that situation”.

“When young people get so much negative press we need to celebrate this kind of selfless act”, he added.