100-year-old roof completely replaced at Darfield school

The Ploughcroft team ready for action at St Mary's Primary School in Darfield.
The Ploughcroft team ready for action at St Mary's Primary School in Darfield.

Children at a school in Darfield are going green as their 100-year old roof will be swapped with an energy efficient replacement.

Environmental roof specialist, Ploughcroft, is currently installing a 21st century replacement at All Saints Academy – part of St Mary’s Academy Trust.

The school is one of four belonging to the trust and has evolved from the original church school which dates back to 1899.

The new green project will save the school thousands of pounds in unwanted heating costs as the entire roof is being changed from its 100-year old Welsh blue slate to a modern alternative with a far lower carbon footprint.

Headteacher at All Saints, Courtenay Walls, said: “Our roof, which was more than 100 years old, was in desperate need of replacing as it was outdated and was beginning to cost us a lot of money.The education sector is constantly being forced to make savings with budgets always being tight so it’s reassuring to know that we no longer have to worry about our roof.”

The new green upgrade is set to make the roof 12 times more energy efficient as the eco-roof offers a high-tech insulated roofing system.

The head teacher added: “Thanks to the work from the guys at Ploughcroft, the school will now be able to invest the extra savings it makes, that was previously lost energy, into other important projects to help improve the school rather than paying high bills through lost heat, and continue to build on the happy and successful learning environment that it already is.”

Managing director of Ploughcroft, Chris Hopkins, added: “We are all delighted to be working with All Saints Academy to help improve the energy efficiency of their building.

“This school has a lot of great history in the village and although it is a fantastic school which is very well built, the current roof was costing them a lot of money in terms of energy bills and repairs as it was so outdated.

“We expect this project to be complete by the end of October and I am sure it will be a great asset to the school in the future, especially as we approach the winter months.”

Ploughcroft says that its research shows that up to 40 per cent of heat is lost through old, poorly insulated attics.