Education in staying safe for Doncaster students

Stay Safe Week Doncaster College
Stay Safe Week Doncaster College

Police and dogs stormed Doncaster College during a special week aimed at promoting safety among students.

The annual Stay Safe Week at the college involves a wide range of talks and activities designed to encourage students to make safe and positive choices about their futures.

Almost 500 students took part in staged events that included a performance titled ‘The Life Span of a Crime’. This production was organised by members of the students’ union and supported by South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Magistrates Court.

The performance detailed the consequences of using and possessing drugs. Scenes included a raid with a drugs dog, the procedure of booking in at a custody desk, an interview with the police and finally, appearance and sentencing at Court.

Students in the audience were able to ask questions as they occurred to them at each stage, on such topics as what happens to drugs once they are seized by the police and how a drugs conviction could impact on their job prospects in the future.

This is the first year that the Stay Safe week was supported by a magistrate who works within the borough. John Keen volunteered his time to support the event and talk to students..

Asked by one student how he came to be a magistrate, John replied: “I am from Doncaster and want to contribute to our local society. I believe in Doncaster justice, by Doncaster people”.

Youth engagement worker and event organiser, Emily Shaw, said the week was very successful: She added: “The performance showed the possible consequences of making the choice to have and use cannabis.

“ We want to dispel the myth that using this substance is okay because it isn’t – it is against the law.”