Easy access to health advice

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Young people with health queries can now find out the answers via their mobile phones.

People aged from 11 to 19 can contact school nurses on 07917031891

Lynne Schuller, RDaSH’s Clinical Lead for the Healthy Child Programme, said: “Contacting the school nurse has never been so easy. School nurses work with young people up to the age of 19 – and they don’t even have to be attending school or college. Young people can contact a confidential phone number and ask for support and advice about all kinds of health matters such as stopping smoking, problems with alcohol or drugs, sexual health, feeling down or depressed, diet and exercise, relationships or just issues within the family with parents, brothers and sisters.

“We’re here to listen and help with all health problems – no matter how small young people may think they are,” she added.

The school nurses will answer their phones and reply to text messages between 9 am and 5 pm but if a young person wants to get in touch outside these hours, they can text or leave a voicemail and the nurse will ring or text back the next working day.

Lynne added: “Our aim is to help young people to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. Sometimes if a young person is not sure who can give them help and support the school nurse is a good person to contact. We will know who they need and can help them to get that support quickly. If a young person wants to talk to the school nurse it doesn’t have to be at school as we are happy to meet them in a range of different places.”