Driver ‘shook up’ kids on school bus

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A SCHOOL bus yob row blew up this week – after a driver was accused of leaving several children injured by deliberately slamming on his brakes to shake up the pupils.

And Brightbus demanded Mexborough School take immediate steps to stamp out the problem... before the service becomes unsafe to run.

But furious parent Bernard Kelly, of Melton Court in Denaby Main, told the Times his kids were hurt – though they were NOT messing about.

He said angrily: “I’m really mad about this. They could have gone through the windscreen. I don’t blame the school but I think the bus company should lose the contract”.

Mr Kelly said his son Jack, 14, had suffered bruising to his shoulder after falling forward, and Reece, 11, had suffered a suspected fractured finger from being “thrown about”.

He said: “I’m told there were kids messing about and hitting buzzers, but my lads don’t want to get on the bus any more in case it’s that driver”.

But Brightbus, whose bright green buses ferry 13,000 pupils daily around South Yorkshire, slammed pupils’ behaviour.

Spokeswoman Carol Morton said: “This service only started in September and there have been a lot of behaviour issues.

“The driver in question was the fifth diver on that route, because the behaviour on the bus has become so unruly.

“On the day, the driver was subjected to constant bell-ringing and children running up and down the bus. He did put his brakes on to stop the bus deliberately. But we are not aware of any injuries at all.

“We have tried very hard with Mexborough – the driver himself had tried very hard before he reached the end of his tether. What these pupils need to realise is that drivers are human beings too.”

“The incident was most unfortunate but it does not give a fair picture of what that driver had to put up with.”

She said the driver had now been replaced on the route.

She added: “We have spoken to the headteacher and for the next week, we will be forwarding all the CCTV from the bus to the school.

“Mrs Buhler-Willey tells us that a letter will be going home with pupils. The education service is very important to us – but they have to get the behaviour under control.”

In a statement, Frau Buhler-Willey told the Times: “The school is aware of the unfortunate incident on the bus in which a number of students suffered bruising and injuries.

“When we have received reports of students showing behaviour which distracts the driver, we have responded.

“Some students were banned from using the bus.

“We have placed staff on the bus and we have been working with parents and the bus company to address any such matters.”