Doncaster's most miserable day of the year is TODAY

If you've not already stocked up on your firewood, prepare to brace yourself as odds are, the weather is only going to get worse as we continue into the new year.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 8:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 8:29 am
Here's where you can expect the most miserable days

But forewarned is forearmed, and if you only knew when the coldest and darkest day of the year was likely to be, then you could be fully prepared with whatever it takes: extra sweaters, thick woolly socks, fleece-lined reindeer-patterned onesie, and a full day spent in bed watching Netflix'¦ you name it! 

Thankfully, outdoor heating specialists Glowing Embers, have painstakingly researched the last 30 years of weather data to find out exactly on which dates we can expect the lowest temperatures and least amount of solar energy  '“ that is '“ the most miserable day of the year; so you can hibernate next to a warm heater or fire (or go out and build a snowman, whatever floats your boat). 

Here's where you can expect the most miserable days

While '˜Blue Monday' (the 3rd Monday of January, this year falling on 21st) is often considered the most depressing day of the year, Glowing Embers' research discovered that this year the UK can expect its coldest day on 6th January (4.6°C); the darkest day on Christmas Day (0.5kWh); and therefore the most miserable day of the year on 15th January 2019 (based on an average of the coldest and darkest day.

But different parts of the UK will experience their most miserable days on separate dates. Scotland, for example, have already got their most miserable day out of the way, as it fell on 27th December last year.  

Yorkshire and the Humber residents can expect their most miserable day on the 16th January - this is based on the average of the coldest and darkest day. The coldest temperature of the year falls on the 6th February (3.5°C), and the darkest day based on solar energy was on Boxing Day (0.4kWh). 

Further down the country we go however, people will have to hold on that little bit longer for the inevitable day to arrive, as it's not due to hit South West England till 23rd January! 

Richard Fewings from Glowing Embers said: 'Whilst we don't like to hear that the cold dark days are approaching, at least now we can prepare for the statistically most miserable day of the year. Best to wrap up warm and get cosy by a log fire when there's no need to venture outdoors!'