Doncaster whizzkid Gareth is given the royal seal of approval

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An entrepreneurial Doncaster whizzkid has rubbed shoulders with royalty as reward for his hard work.

Gareth Humphreys, a final-year product design student, received The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award for his business venture EG Visuals from Prince Andrew at an awards ceremony.

Gareth and his business partner Elliott Whiteley, from Halifax, create animations that make complex technology and elaborate machinery clear and simple, to help businesses get their messages across.

The pair met when they began their BSc degree at The University of Huddersfield. They realised they had ideas in common and, inspired by the animation module built into their course, they formed EG Visuals, based at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.

The company creates high quality 3D animations for a wide range of uses – including presentations, promotions, product demonstrations and training.

Gareth said: “You can’t pick something up and play about with it online, so you must have an animation that shows you what a product does and how it works.”

An early client is engineering company David Brown Gears, for which the pair have produced an eight-minute training film that illustrates the complex meshing that takes place in gearboxes.

Elliott and Gareth have also produced animations as part of their course including a design for a foldable toilet, based on a brief provided by the Royal Society of Arts.