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Thursday, 18th January 2018, 9:28 am
Updated Thursday, 18th January 2018, 9:30 am


We have some fantastic attractions in Doncaster who are already working together to make more of the town’s offer. It has been great to see organisations working together for the benefit of the town and the local economy.

This year it would be good to see this work develop and a robust plan put in place with key partners from across the borough mapping out how we can strengthen our relationships and make more of the attractions and events we have already got in place. There are a number of groups in place who meet regularly to discuss large events and tourism opportunities, it is important to see these groups aligned to make sure that creative ideas and enthusiasm are not falling through the gaps. We have the attractions, we have the events, we need to work together to have our voices heard.


Doncaster has a rich historical history - what is left of it! And should be preserved, developed and celebrated going forward. Not a small number of our local councils have, over the decades made decisions that have obliterated the very aspects we could now be selling. A simple comparison between the towns of Deva Victrix and Danum (Chester & Doncaster) will show a marked disparity of preservation and attraction. Both Chester & Doncaster were established as Roman forts and settlements about a similar time period. Chester has made the most of it’s heritage whilst Doncaster seems to have been bent on destroying it’s. The dereliction of Doncaster must go no further. The late and lamented Colin Joy who, even as a self confessed scouser, not only loved Doncaster but immersed himself in it as Tourism Manager. Colin did a great deal and was highly visible to Doncaster people. I don’t know if Colin’s position has been replaced, if it has it’s not very apparent. The role of Tourism Manager should be well funded and populated by someone with a knowledge of and passion for Doncaster.”


Promoting Doncaster on the Tourist map should not be so difficult. All the technology is there at our fingertips more use of it would be a start. And what about the national press, National Trust etc. All could be used to promote “Our Doncaster” at its best. Advertising through Hotel chains with international links would be a big leap forward. Travellers coming to Doncaster need to have advance ideas of what we have to offer, what they can see, what they can do. Promotional bus trips on a Sunday afternoon might be old fashioned be very useful. Trip out taking in Brodsworth Hall, Cusworth Hall and Conisborough Castle are all places of interest. Tea at the Red Lion birth place of the St

Leger and why don’t we have an Industrial Museum displaying the past glories of Doncasters engineering past. As I have said before “Look back to go forward”


I feel like Doncaster could utilise social media much more when it comes to tourism as it is not often that I see any of the attractions we have advertised. Of course the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is always on the TV but, other than this, our museums and historic buildings are lesser known. Places such as Cusworth Hall and Brodsworth Hall are great for day trips, full of culture and history, but rarely do I see any promotion of events. The council could use social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote such events, as this would increase the amount of people who travel here for tourism. I also think that, as a town, we lack in the tourism industry. It isn’t a place many visit for day trips. I think more effort should be put into making Doncaster a place people want to come to with more events and shows.

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JEREMY BURROWS: Sadly when Doncaster industrialised in the late 19th and early 20th Century it demolished lots of historic buildings in the name of ‘progress’. Did do into 1960’s & 1970’s.

As a Roman town we could’ve been like York & Chester. What do you expect when most things are destroyed?

Of heritage we have Cusworth Hall, Brodsworth Hall, Conisbrough Castle & Mansion House in centre. Also Racehorse, Wildlife Park, Sandall Park Woods, Potteric Carr, Aircraft museum etc

ALINDA HINDLE: Doncaster market devastated so don’t go there. But what about Roche Abbey a lovely place ,and lot’s of history.

SARA MARRIS: Cusworth hall is probably the best place in Doncaster.

JOHNNY GIBSON: We have the best nightlife area in the region at Lazarus court, that could bring in big numbers.

CHRIS DUNGWORTH: Visit Doncaster and Doncaster Tourist Information Centre are doing a brilliant job already. Visitor numbers are up year on year. Fantastic new Visitor Guide. Look at