Doncaster Spanish Society presents 'El Caminito del Rey'

Caminito del Rey

Come along to this month's meeting for an illuatrated talk on El Caminito del Rey.

El Caminito del Rey meaning 'The Kings Little Pathway' was considered to be one of the most dangerous and breathtaking walks in the world in its early years. It has undergone costly and extensive renovation after decades of neglect and decay and was re-opened in 2015.

Caminito del Rey

It is now an extremely popular tourist attraction for those who might prefer a less dangerous approach to leisure, yet still remains to some, a spectacular experience.

The event is held in the Eastfield Restaurant at Doncaster School for the Deaf on Leger Way, on Friday November 17, 7-9pm

The talk will be in both Spanish and English, and all are welcome from those who speak little or no Spanish to native speakers.

Visitors entry is £4 and there is free parking. For more information call 01302 344822 or 01709 812440

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