Doncaster’s Council House set to be blown up

The former Council House in Doncaster.
The former Council House in Doncaster.

Doncaster’s landmark Council House building is set to be blown up by demolition experts later this year.

The news comes as it has emerged thieves have caused problems for the contractors who are knocking the town centre building down – by stealing a full sized mobile building from the site over the weekend.

Arrangements for blowing up the building are being finalised with South Yorkshire Police, the firm carrying out the demolition has confirmed.

The demolition is expected to happen later in the summer.

But in the meantime workers have had to deal with their mobile changing rooms being stolen by raiders who struck in the middle of the night.

Police are studying closed circuit television pictures to find out who took the mobile building some time on Saturday night into Sunday morning, before 7.30am.

Officers are also appealing for any witnesses to the incident.

They believe the thieves would have had to have driven away with the trailer, valued at around £1,000.

Dominic Ogden, managing director of demolition firm DSR Demolition Ltd, said his firm was stepping up security at the site after the theft.

He said: “I thought it would have been quite a safe location, with its position in the town centre.

“We were certainly surprised that someone has taken it.

“Surely someone must have seen something. It must have been quite conspicuous.”

The theft of the building is not expected to delay the demolition work on Council House, which was Doncaster Council’s main offices until the new Civic Buildings were opened.

Peter Dale, Director of Regeneration and Environment, said: “A cabin belonging to our contractor was stolen from the site over the weekend.

“This has been reported to the police.

“It is not anticipated that this will have any impact on demolition work.”

Anyone with information on the theft can call South Yorkshire Police on 101.