Doncaster residents given more powers to stop yobs

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Residents in Doncaster have been given new powers to help tackle anti-social behaviour in their communities.

From this week, residents have the ability to ask agencies such as the police, the fire service, Doncaster Council and housing associations such as St Leger Homes, to review how they have responded to complaints of anti-social behaviour.

The county-wide Community Trigger scheme will receive a national launch next month and comes to Doncaster after being trialled in five areas across Britain.

Supt Colin McFarlane said: “As the force lead for anti-social behaviour, I believe that the introduction of the Community Trigger is a great step forward in giving the public the tools and the methods to hold the police and other agencies, to account.

“The force will support this initiative fully and use the valuable feedback that we get to improve the service tha twe offer around anti-social behaviour.”

However, Ken Barron, chairman of Doncaster Federation of Tenants’ and Residents’ Association believes that the new powers are not necessary and that a better way to tackle problems of yobs terrorising neighbourhoods would be for the police to put more bobbies on the beat.

He said: “We live in these neighbourhoods and we are the ones who see the issues on a day to day bais.

“The police need to look at things more objectively and resources would be better used by getting more officers on the street to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

The Community Trigger does not replace ordinary complaints procedures already operated by agencies, but is expected to be used by people dissatisfied with the way issues they have raised have been dealt with in their communities.

Residents can use the legislation when they have made three separate complaints of anti-social behaviour to an agency in a six month period.

It can also be used when members of five different households in a community have separately reported the same anti-social issue within a six-month period.

Members of the public who wish to activate the Community Trigger should contact their own local authorities, South Yorkshire Police, or South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

If you wish to raise activate a Community Trigger with South Yorkshire Police, contact by calling 101 or in wrting to Chief Inspector Thomas. Doncaster Police Station, College Road, Doncaster, DN1 3HX for problems in the doncaster area.