Doncaster police officer rescues drowning man

A Doncaster police officer has been praised for saving a man’s life by rescuing him from near the marina at Doncaster Lakeside.

The man was found struggling in the lake at approximately by a passer by, who instantly contacted the emergency services.

Police arrived almost immediately on the scene, and without hesitation, Acting Sergeant Neil Pryce entered the water to assist the man.

He was pulled out of the water and to safety by Sgt Pryce and was taken to hospital where he is making a full recovery.

“The man’s life was at serious risk and it was a decision I made in a split second to help him, and one that I would make again to ensure the safety of the public,” said the officer.

Supt Eddie Murphy said: “Sgt Pryce acted selflessly to protect a member of the public who was in grave danger and thankfully on this occasion they are both safe and well.

“Police officers undertake a variety of challenging and demanding tasks on a daily basis and they have to make difficult decisions to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the public in South Yorkshire.”