Doncaster men among least likely to last longest in bed, according to new UK survey

Men from Doncaster are among the most likely to give a ‘below average’ performance in bed, according to new stats.

Thursday, 21st November 2019, 1:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st November 2019, 1:38 pm

British men were quizzed about how many minutes they last during sex before climaxing - in an anonymous survey by online service Doctor-4-U.

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The national average is - according to the males polled - 14 minutes and 29 seconds.

Doncaster man can't last in the bedroom, according to a new survey.

Yet more than HALF of the men living in Yorkshire - 52 per cent - reported lasting either 10 minutes or less, the lowest average in the UK.

Men in Northern Ireland, on the other hand, are the most likely to give an ‘above average’ performance, with 58 per cent of them claiming they last 16 minutes or longer.

Dr Diana Gall, of Doctor-4-U, said that when it comes to bedroom relations, all couples are different.

She said: “While the results show 14.5 minutes is the national average for sex duration, it’s important to note this isn’t a time every man should feel they have to live up to.

“Everyone is different. And there are some partners who don’t want sex to last for as long as 14 minutes.

“Sex is also about much more than just penetration or orgasms, too. It’s about intimacy and finding what works for you.”

Other regions where men reported lasting 10 minutes or less include East Anglia (50 per cent), the South East (43 per cent) and the South West (41 per cent).

NHS guidelines suggest that if you regularly climax ‘within one minute’ of making love to your partner, you’re classed as a premature ejaculator.

The online Doctor-4-U poll found a third - 33 per cent - of men in Britain had experienced premature ejaculation problems in the last twelve months.

Dr Gall adds: “Premature ejaculation is often the punchline to a joke, something to be viewed with mirth.

“But it’s a very real physical problem, just like any other underlying medical condition, and it can absolutely blight lives.

“Many of the respondents in our study said premature ejaculation had led to mental health issues, the break-down of relationships, and even the avoidance of sexual partners.

“Shockingly, around 8% of male sufferers said they’d been openly ‘mocked’ by their partner for their perceived bedroom failures.

“But it is vitally important couples do not suffer in silence because there are ways to combat it.”

Prostate problems, thyroid issues and using recreational drugs can all cause premature ejaculation, according to Dr Gall.

But she says psychological factors can play a huge role, too, including depression, stress or anxiety - particularly about starting a new relationship.

Getting to the route of those issues - through things like couples therapy - can help overcome premature ejaculation.

Meanwhile Dr Gall says increasing numbers of sufferers are utilising a drug called ‘Fortacin’, which is a spray which contains the local anaesthetics lidocaine and prilocaine, and which is designed to decrease sensitivity in the penis.

She adds: “Fortacin was only approved for use in Europe in November 2016, but since we began offering it via prescriptions in March 2017, interest in Fortacin has increased dramatically.

“Sales have doubled between this year and last, and it’s all about the embarrassment factor.

“Where it was once only available via a prescription from your GP, you can now get access to it via private prescription online.

“You don’t have to tell someone, face-to-face, about your private life.”

The stats show the average British male lasts 14.29 minutes in bed

Percentage of men who reported regularly lasting 10 minutes or less in bed:

Yorkshire and the Humber - 51.5%

East Anglia - 50%

Scotland - 47.6%

South East - 43.4%

South West - 41.5%

North East - 39.2%

North West - 38.3

West Midlands - 37.8%

Wales - 37.1%

East Midlands - 36.1%

London - 31.3%

Northern Ireland - 15.8%

Percentage of men who reported regularly lasting 16 minutes or longer in bed:

Northern Ireland - 57.9%

London - 52.3%

South East - 39.4%

Wales - 37.1%

North East - 35.3%

West Midlands - 34.25%

North West - 31.8%

East Midlands - 30.6%

Yorkshire and the Humber - 29.4%

South West - 26.2%

Scotland - 23.5%

East Anglia - 22.2%