Doncaster Mayor wants to make town’s streets cleaner

Mayor Ros Jones and Cllr Joe Blackham with new street sweepers
Mayor Ros Jones and Cllr Joe Blackham with new street sweepers

The streets of Doncaster could soon be much cleaner, under plans put forward by Mayor Ros Jones and her Cabinet.

A report due to be considered by the Cabinet tomorrow, (Wednesday March 18), would see the council investing in a range of modern equipment, including new street sweepers.

If the plan is approved, the street sweepers could be launched in the coming months.

Mayor Ros Jones, said: “We all want to see cleaner streets, an improved local environment and an efficient service, which is why this long overdue investment is being proposed.

“Investing in resources like these can sometimes be the best way to make sure you save money in the future, and I am determined to deliver value for money for the people of Doncaster.”

New mowers could also be introduced as part of the plans.

The mowers have proved more effective than the currently used models during test runs, taking significantly less time to cut grassed areas.

The scheme would see just over £2m spent on new equipment, which would last up to eight years.

It is thought it will help the council to save £1.05m a year in running costs.

Current equipment which still works effectively would be maintained best equipment, while old machinery would be replaced.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, added: “For too long staff have had to use out of date and inefficient equipment, which does not produce the best results for local people. We want to change that.”