Doncaster Mayor unveils cuts of £30m

Doncaster’s libraries are about to have an unhappy ending – as Doncaster mayor Peter Davies unveils plans to wipe £30 MILLION off next year’s budget.

The mayor said the axe may fall on 13 libraries across the borough after the ConDem Government said Doncaster would have £70 MILLION less to spend over the next four years.

The libraries in Mexborough, Conisbrough and Denaby Main are among 25 in the Doncaster borough.

But as the Times went to press, the council said they were unable to disclose which were under threat.

Among the other proposed cuts announced this week, in Mr Davies’ draft budget proposals, were a reduction of the number of neighbourhood management teams; a £2.37m reduction in support services and a reduction in senior staff to save £1.18m.

The mayor said: “We have to reduce our outgoings by £30m in the coming year which is a substantial amount of money.

“I have always been convinced that there were many changes that could be made, and many millions that could potentially be saved by changes to our back office support functions such as HR, Finance, Communications and Procurement and I have been proved right.

“However, it has become obvious that in saving the £70m expected of us in the next four years, front line services may also be affected.

“In drafting this budget I have tried my utmost to protect the most vulnerable in Doncaster.”

Last Monday, the Government announced it had slashed Doncaster’s Government funding by 8.9 per cent on last year’s pay out – the maximum it could cut.

The measures will debated by full council on February 21 next year.