Doncaster man, 58, hooked on ice skating


A Doncaster man who says ice skating has given him “a new lease of life” is encouraging other people over 50 to get their skates on and give the sport a go.

Adrian Hill (58), from Town Moor, first got into ice skating at the Doncaster Dome in 2007 aged 50 after taking his then six year old daughter down to the rink for her first attempt.

After a miserable first try they both agreed that they could do better so set themselves a challenge and decided to keep it up. Before long Adrian was hooked and is now a regular down at the Dome going at least twice a week.

Adrian said: “It started as something my daughter and I did but she is now 14 and more interested in singing and acting. She still comes along occasionally but I’ve kept on going because I enjoy it so much and just want to see if I can get any better.

“I love ice skating because it’s great exercise, the music and dancing is fantastic and there is a lovely social aspect to it all too. I have made a lot of new friends with the regulars at Doncaster Dome which is really nice. It also allows you to get away from everyday life and forget any problems or worries because you have to concentrate on what you are doing. Ice skating has just given me a new lease of life really.”

Adrian has now started on the national training scheme run by the National Ice Skating Association and has passed the introductory certification. He is now working his way up through the various levels.

Added Adrian: “After eight years of skating I am very happy and comfortable on the skates so, as I like to push myself, I’ve started a bit of ice dancing with a partner. We’re not quite Torvill and Dean yet but we want to keep improving and see how far we can get.

“Ice skating is great for people of all ages as it is a really good way to keep fit and healthy and it is always good to learn something new. I don’t want people of a certain age to be put off trying it out as I’ve found that quite a lot of older people still enjoy it and there are even people in their 70s and 80s on the rink. Some started young and others have drifted into it later on, like me. My advice to older people wanting to ice skate is give it a go – be careful and maybe have some guidance or lessons but there are so many different levels and classes that it is a sport that really is suitable for all.”

Kraig Kelly, head of leisure at Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, which manages the Doncaster Dome, said: “We are delighted that Adrian has found a love of ice skating. To see how much he gets from taking part in the sport is really encouraging particularly for other people over 50 who may want to get involved and try new things but haven’t had the confidence to do so yet.

“We have a range of public ice skating sessions as well as classes and lessons on offer so get in touch to find out more!”

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