Doncaster level crossing closed over safety fears

Network Rail - LOGO
Network Rail - LOGO

A level crossing is to be closed down following reports of a number of near misses at the site.

Network Rail said a number of pedestrians have recently been involved in near-misses with trains at pedestrian crossing at Ferryboat Lane, Old Denaby.

A spokesman said the crossing will now be closed from Saturday, August 16, “to reduce the risk of further near misses or an accident occurring.”

Pedestrians are urged to use a footbridge over the railway line.

Plans to install a fully accessible bridge are being developed.

In the meantime, the level crossing manager is writing to local residents, to gather details of those residents unable to use the stepped footbridge so alternative arrangements to cross the railway can be made. Network Rail apologises for any inconvenience this will cause to users who are unable to use the existing stepped bridge.