Doncaster Greens launch election campaign

Ballot box
Ballot box

Doncaster Green Party today announced they will field seven candidates at next month’s borugh elections, fighting on the three issues of fracking, floods and food banks.

The Green Party is the only political party opposing the controversial process of fracking, the unconventional form of gas extraction which has been linked with earthquakes, water pollution and increased traffic problems.

Stephen Platt, who will be standing for the Green Party in Sprotbrough where he is already a parish councillor, says: “International gas companies are circling Doncaster and the surrounding area as a potential hotspot for fracking and other unconventional gas extraction, at a time that scientists are warning us that we need to transition urgently to clean green energy.

“Fracking will not only be a disaster for local communities who will face the direct impacts of fracking, but will also make climate change much worse. That means it is going to cause more floods, more droughts, and more extreme weather events.

“We should ban this industry from the borough and make Doncaster a hotspot for green business that will give us long term jobs and employment opportunities.”