Doncaster drug dealer found with a stun gun jailed for over three years

David Wraith, of Allerton Street, town centre, Doncaster was jailed for three and a half years.
David Wraith, of Allerton Street, town centre, Doncaster was jailed for three and a half years.

A Doncaster drug dealer who dropped Class A drugs out of a top floor window to other addicts has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

David Wraith, aged 39, of Allerton Street in Doncaster town centre, used the property he shared with his partner, Victoria Stacey, to store thousands of pounds worth of bank notes, mainly left scattered on the floor.

Sheffield Crown Court heard police carried out four raids on the property finding drugs and over £10,000.

Officers also found a stun gun which did not work when tested by firearms officers.

Officers raided the property on February 10 looking for stolen goods but found Wraith’s stun gun and £2,257 in bank notes.

Stacey was found with a small amount of cannabis.

Thomas Storey, prosecuting, said: “Police then returned on March 30 with both defendants present.

“Stacey was found lying on the bed drunk and when she was searched by officers they found heroin in her bra, a small amount of cannabis and £884 in cash on the floor.

“Police also found £3,892 inside a safe bolted to the bedroom floor.”

Stacey told officers the money was from her benefits, Wraith’s pay as a labourer and money she had saved.

Police carried out observations on the property and saw numerous people visiting, on shouting ‘have you got any gear?’.

Mr Storey added: “On other occasions items would be thrown out of a bedroom window to people.

“When officers stopped and searched people who had been to the house, they were found to be in the possession of heroin.”

Officers raided the house for a third time on April 20, again finding Stacey lying drunk on the bed and £2,551 in cash in a bedside cabinet.

Scales with remnants of Class A drugs were also found and the pair were arrested and bailed.

Police raided the house again on May 25 finding £688 and another set of scales.

Wraith, who was found with drugs in his possession, denied in interviews he was involved in supplying Class A substances.

Judge Simon Lawler QC said Wraith had a history of offending serving 39 months for drugs offences in 2009.

He told Wraith: “You were highly addicted and the home was raided four times with officers finding drugs paraphernalia and hefty amounts of cash.

“You were allowed to remain on bail in my view for far to long. In my opinion you should’ve been behind bars much sooner. “

Wraith admitted supplying Class A drugs, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of Class A and B drugs. Stacey admitted possession of Class A and Class B drugs and criminal goods and was given a nine month sentence, suspended for two years.