Doncaster councillor apologises after road collision leaves teenage girl with broken leg

A Doncaster councillor has issued a public apology after a car he was driving was in collision with a teenage girl that left her with a broken leg.

Friday, 16th February 2018, 08:17 am
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 08:20 am
Teagan Taylor.

Teagan Taylor, aged 14, was badly injured after being involved in a crash with a vehicle driven by Rossington and Bawtry councillor John Cooke.

Coun Cooke, who stands as an independent, has admitted he was behind the wheel of the car that struck Teagan while she was crossing the road and apologised.

The scene of the collision.

But the girl's mum Gail has called for the politician to go one step further and resign as she claims he should have done more to help her daughter after the collision.

Ms Taylor, aged 52, of Streatfield Crescent, Rossington, said: "When I got there her friends were pulling her off the road and she was in agony crying her eyes out, saying 'my leg, my leg'.

"She has broken it and will need to wear a brace for two months.

"Her friends said he (coun Cooke) got out for a short while to see if she was okay and then left. He should have stayed with her for longer. He should resign."

The scene of the collision.

She added however that her daughter did admit to not looking both ways when the collision happened in King Avenue, Rossington, on Tuesday, January 23, at 7.30pm.

Coun Cooke said he reported the incident to police the following day and had spoken to officers voluntarily but that he had not been arrested.

He said: "I am appalled and deeply regret this unfortunate accident.

"My heart goes out to the young lady."

He added that he was looking for a parking space and there was not enough time to avoid Teagan when she appeared out between parked cars.

He said: "Sadly I could not miss her, I immediately stopped, quite shocked and upset and got out to offer assistance. I thought the young lady had suffered a bruised leg, as my speed was not excessive."

Coun Cooke told how Teagan's friends helped her up saying they would take care of her and took her away.

He added: "I felt useless. I now realise I should have done more for Teagan and profoundly apologise to her and her mother for my serious lack of judgement.

"As for the request to stand down, I do not feel it would be fair to the wider community who I am committed to work hard for on their behalf."

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "It is reported that a vehicle was involved in a collision with a pedestrian, a child, at around 7.30pm. Enquiries are ongoing."

She added no arrests have been made.