Doncaster Council reveals use of zero hour contracts

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NEWS: News.

A maximum of 300 of the council’s 6,000 employees are taken on with zero hour contracts.

Doncaster Council’s chief executive Jo Miller released the figures after national newspaper reports suggested it employed almost 3,000 people this way.

Ms Miller said: “The original figure quoted of 2,759 covered all relief type posts on the council’s system including schools.

“However, the vast majority of these were for one-off payments, for example over 400 staff who worked for one day on election duties, and held for recording purposes, or where contracted employees have a relief role set up additional to their contract. It appears that other councils had not provided this information.

£The council in fact employs a maximum of 300 relief staff on zero hour contracts. This figure excludes those that have not worked for council for the last six months and represents just 4.8 per cent of the council’s 6,203 employees (excluding schools).”

Mrs Miller added that no comparisons had been made to see whether the figure had increased in recent years but she expects it has remained ‘fairly static’.

She continued: “As an employer, this group of workers are engaged on an ad hoc basis to help out during staff shortages or at busy times of the year, or when an emergency arises, and that they may or may not be available when we need them, in the same way as when people apply for these roles they are appointed on that basis knowing that the work is on an as and when basis.

“These staff are not obliged to accept the offer of work and this flexibility is beneficial to those with commitments.”